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  • E-Signature is allowed on ALL PROGRAMS and ALL FORMS AND DOCUMENTS with the EXCEPTION of Closing Docs

  • Order your CD PRIOR to CTC – get all the details from your Account Executive

  • Admin Buyout Calculator – located on the ratesheet for your convenience

  • PIW Allowed – Contact your Account Executive for details

  • Upload PTD’s – in one scan

We make it easy to work with us.


What are the Benefits?


Control - you have a relationship with our service team that represents a number of different lenders.  That means the same underwriter, document drawer and funder for several lenders.  Our process will be quicker and more responsive than most wholesale lenders.  Price isn't the only reason to do business - service and performance are even more important when it comes to relationship lending.  You have total control over your loans, since you would now be originating like a correspondent lender.

Flexibility - you can move your loans within ACC easier than wholesale brokering, because we represent several lenders under one roof.  The same benefits for a consumer using a mortgage broker for a loan, apply to a broker using ACC.  Instead of sending a loan package to different wholesale lenders one at a time, you can use our network to blanket the product or pricing options with one package. 

Compatibility - ACC coexists with your current lender relationships.  It does not exclude you from doing business with your current wholesale lenders.  It is an opportunity for you to improve the way you do business, have more control and flexibility over the process, with a price advantage.  It may also bring in additional lenders for you to do business with, which will make you more competitive, profitable and give you a recruiting edge.

Independence - this is not a net branch, or takeover gimmick.  You keep your current operation as is, and run it the same way you always have.  You process in your own name, with your own documentation, and then submit to us just like your other wholesale relationships.  We hope to earn your business, and become the preferred choice within your lender relationships, but do not exclude you from doing business with your other wholesale lenders.

Pricing - the correspondent rates are usually significantly better than wholesale or retail rates.  This will give you an advantage in the marketplace for origination, profitability, and recruiting.

How do I become an Approved ACC Broker?

We have a standard broker approval process, just like most other wholesale lenders you do business with.  From our website you will select "New Broker" tab which will direct you to Comergence.  There will be a link to direct you to our package in Comergence.  If you don't already have Comergence codes please select the option for first time user.  This application is free of charge. 

We are looking for quality mortgage brokerage shops that originate purchase and refinance loans from a relationship base.  We are not looking to saturate your market.  This is an exclusive relationship, and we want you to have an advantage in producing and recruiting by having an additional tool that your competitors do not have.

We hope you see the value in this unique business arrangement, and we strive to earn your business through superior service, product choice and profitable pricing.  Please feel free to contact us for a meeting to discuss how we can easily implement ACC into your mortgage business.

To begin the application process, please click the New Brokers link below.

New Brokers


If you have questions about the approval process,
please contact your Account Executive or email

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